• Protection of intellectual property
    • Perform searches for prior intellectual property rights
    • Register patents, trade marks and industrial design in all jurisdictions in Malaysia and the world
    • Advise clients on the best methods of protecting their intellectual property
  • Contentious intellectual property and information technology matters
    • Represent clients for the following cases:
      • trade mark infringement and passing off
      • copyright infringement cases including software infringement
      • patent infringement or invalidation
      • industrial designs infringement or invalidation
      • declaration of non infringement of intellectual property rights
      • breach of confidentiality or breach of fiduciary cases
    • Represent clients against action by rights management associations such as Business Software Alliance
    • Act as Supervising Solicitor on a search order
    • Obtain and execute Anton Piller Orders
  • Internet, Cyber law and Social Media laws
    • Advise and handle domain disputes
    • Handle online defamation or harassment
    • Prepare terms and conditions of use for electronic platforms such as e-stores
    • Acquire pre-trial discovery order to obtain identity of online wrongdoers
  • Media, advertising and entertainment
  • Computer contracts
    • Draft, negotiate and/or review development, maintenance and/or licensing agreements
    • Prepare terms and conditions of use
    • Prepare Escrow agreements and providing escrow services
  • Gaming and Promotions
    • Advise on legality of games and promotions


  • Conduct privacy impact assessments, audits and compliance exercises to ensure compliance of the Malaysia Personal Data Protection Act 2010
  • Draft privacy notices, data processing agreements, data protection policies and manuals
  • Advise clients on best privacy practices
  • Represent clients for invasion of privacy rights cases
  • Advise clients on the requirements of the Malaysian Franchise Act 1998
  • Handle registration of franchise in Malaysia
  • Draft and/or review franchise and licensing agreements