Industrial Relations and Employment Laws
  • Employment Contracts

    • Draft, negotiate and/or review employment contracts for all levels of employment in an organization
    • Advise clients on legality of certain clause(s) in employment contracts
  • Disciplinary Process/Internal Grievances Procedure

    • Advise clients on disciplinary process that ought to be observed under the labour law in Malaysia
    • Draft and/or review show cause letter, letter of suspension, notice of domestic inquiry and letter of dismissal
  • Reorganisation of Business, Redundancy and Retrenchment

    • Advise clients on reorganisation of business and observance of the relevant labour law in doing so
    • Advise clients on situation of redundancy and possible retrenchment of employees arising out of the reorganisation of business
    • Draft and/or review relevant and necessary documentation
  • Transfer and/or Secondment

  • Mutual Cessation of Employment

  • Setting-up Businesses in Malaysia

  • Human Resources Policies

  • Social Media Policies

  • Contentious Matters involving Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations laws

    • Legal representation in Labour Court, Industrial Court, High Court and Court of Appeal

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